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What is a Career Coach & What Do they Do?

Oct 01, 2022
What is a Career Coach?

Career Coaches assist motivated individuals in creating a career development plan that propels them to successfully execute a strategy to earn career advancement opportunities.  Career Coaches strategically mentor students, professionals, and mentees to make the best decisions regarding the professional SMART goals they would like to accomplish.

What Does a Career Coach Do?

As career coaches, we provide guidance to individuals who explore various career functional paths such as management, have the desire to optimize their career search strategies domestically or abroad, and assist with charting their roadmap for career success. Career coaches teach basic and advanced leadership, management, and technical skills. Career coaches give you fresh insight and wisdom based on their vast professional experience to be self-aware and accurately see the professional landscape. With a Career coach at your side, you will have all of the tools necessary to choose the career that is right for you and achieve maximum success in today’s workplace.

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